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Birding – The Famous Attraction Of Spain


birds on the lake
Sanctuaries and Natural Parks give a beautiful view of biodiversity. If you are one among them who loves greenery, chirping of birds and picturesque beauty of nature then Spain is one of the best places to visit. Most of the people prefer going for birding in Spain as there are 300 species of birds both habitat and migrated and you also get an opportunity to see some of the exotic and endangered species.

Different species of birds that you get to see

Eagles – Booted eagles are small sized birds quite similar to buzzards. These eagles enjoy staying in mild winter season. They come up in two different colors of morphs that are pale and dark. Booted eagles feed on small mammals, reptiles or mid-sized birds. They show aerial interactions with other species of birds too.

White Storks – A large number of flocks of white storks is seen in Spain every year. After winters, these birds move to Africa in flocks. These majestic and huge birds can be seen there from August to October. They look amazing both of the time, either flying or at rest. In Spain, the Ebro delta is the best place for to spot the storks where they stop and rest while migration. They feed on small aquatic species like crayfish and frogs.

Herons – The purple herons can be seen from April to October. River tours give great sightings of herons. Apart from that, they can be seen at northern and southern parts of marshlands. They are found in a spectacular variety of colors like dark ginger color pattern, maroon, grey etc.