Notice The Signs Of Blocked Drain System To Avoid Major Issues


There are many reasons of drain blockage like dry leaves, hairs, dirt and debris. In Leicester, there are many agencies that provide the drain cleaning service and help you to overcome the issue. Some experts not only help you in unblocking the drain but also provide you the best service for drain repairs in Leicester.

What are the different signs that show the need of drain repair?

Foul odor – if there is a foul smell coming from the drain then you need to call the plumber to find out if there is any blockage or leakage. Due to clogged water, sewage gases are produced which result in foul smell.

Water stains in the basement – if water stains start to show up in the basement then it indicates the seepage of sewage water due to poor drainage. ┬áIf you find similar signs then you should hire a repair service of the drain system.

Damp spot and pool in the yard – when the drain system starts to leak then waste water starts to come on the surface which causes damp pools. These damp pools cause unpleasant odor in your lawn. If you notice it in your lawn and garden then you should hire an expert for repairing the drain system.

Consistent clog – if the drain system is clogged then water starts coming back in the sink. It is also the main reason of slow water flow. This mainly happens if there are several clogs in the drain and this condition needs immediate attention.


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