Caring Tips For A Banana Tree In A Pot


The banana tree comes loaded with a lot of nutrients and thus people plant it in their house. One can easily get a plant of banana in the market and grow it in their house. The banana plant seeds and flowers are rich in flavonoids, vitamins, and proteins. It is also used to treat medical conditions like bronchitis and ulcer.

Here is how you can take care of the plant.

Water and light – The banana tree needs too much sunlight either you plant it in soil or pot. It should get at least 5 to 7 hours of direct sunlight daily. They also require more amount of water that helps to keep its large leaves hydrated. In the summer season, you need to frequently check the pot because the soil may be get dried.

Food and soil – Ensure that your banana tree is planted in well-drained soil with sufficient hummus. If you see that the tree is not planted properly then repotting it is good otherwise it will dry in a few days. You should add organic mulch on the surface of the soil as it offers the needed nutrients and retains moisture. In the summer season, they require all-purpose and balanced fertilizer weekly.

Safety precaution – Cold temperature, frost, and winds can kill your banana tree. You should keep it in a sheltered spot to protect it against winds. In the winter season, you need to keep them in the warmest area of your garden. Frost can damage the foliage so you need to cover them with burlap or blanket. You should provide a sufficient amount of mulch or straw and keep the banana tree inside of the house in the winter season.

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